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Category:Learn Lua and wikitext
User:Sarri.greek/Learn Lua and wikitext

For wiktionaries: When there is no programmer around... Easy copy-paste.
Learn Lua/Scribunto for modules. As simple as possible.
Or, learn how to translate wikitext for templates to → Lua for modules.
Little applications for people who have no previous computer skills -like me-, except a little bit of HTML, focusing on wiktionary tasks. ‑‑Sarri.greek  | 2020.09.13.

  • Lua: The programming language used by Scribunto.
    lua means "moon" in Portoguese.
  • Scribunto: An extension of MediaWiki software allowing scripts written in Lua to be used in wiki pages.
    scribunto means "let them write!" in Latin.
  • wikitext: HTML, but easier. MediaWiki's markup language.




First things first:

  • View blue links in Lua and its comments. (instructions in greek)
  • How to name templates and modules:
    prefer latin alphabet, no dicrictics, try using the same or similar title with your sister projects
    avoid empty spaces and underscores
    never never use colon :   in the name. It ruins everything.

Lua & wikitextΕπεξεργασία

Every page contains a Lua module and its wikitext equivalent
* 00. Structure of a template, of a module    
* 01. The first command: Hello world! - what is export? Template:learn-01 Module:learn-01
* 02. Numbered parameters: My name is... wikitext: Pipe or no pipe? Template:learn-02 Module:learn-02
* 03. Named parameters. Template:learn-03 Module:learn-03
* 04. if Template:learn-04 Module:learn-04
* 05. nested if - many ifs - parameter variations Template:learn-05 Module:learn-05
* 06. switch Template:learn-06 Module:learn-06
* 07. ifeq By the way: what is the difference between <br>   &   <br />  ? Template:learn-07 Module:learn-07
* 08. tables Template:learn-08 Module:learn-08
* 09. one template calls another Template:learn-09 Module:learn-09
* 10. Goodbye wikitext? Not really.


under constructionnnnnnnnnnn

How toΕπεξεργασία

* title  - handle the title page. split in parts. find expressions. Module:learn-title1 / Module:learn-title2
* data & alias
 - call a word from an array, 1st method Module:learn-data1
 - call a word from an array, 2nd method Module:learn-data2
 - call a word from a dictionary Style 1 Module:learn-data3
 - call a word from a dictionary Style 2 Module:learn-data4
 - get a keyword from another keyword from a /datapage dictionary Style 1 Module:learn-data5
 - get a keyword from another keyword from a /datapage dictionary Style 2 Module:learn-data6


  • scope global & local?
  • nil & empty & wrong
  • error & mw.addWarning
  • function what?   function(), function(frame), function(this, that)
  • return how?   output =, frame:preprocess
  • invoke directly, create Template, call within a module
  • Careful where you place it
  • Apply yout function to pagename or to another lemma
  • How to call languages
  • require another Module's help - require or mw.loadData ?
  • How not to repeat the same block in many functions
  • Do not use. Words preserved as Lua commands. Escape characters.
  • Find or substitute parts of a string   (string,1,1) Make capital letters.
  • Substitute one thing with another - for i, j in pairs ... do
  • Sorting: for various languages
  • It drives me crazy...

What a wiktionary needsΕπεξεργασία

  • names and data for languages: the ISO code, the name and how to call/use them - make language-Sections in a lemma
  • link-to-a-language, t(ranslation)link
  • codes which usually create categories
    for sections for the page's layout (e.g. pronunciation, partofspeech, reference)
    for topic-labels (e.g. education, economy, zoology)
    for style-labels (e.g. dated, offensive)
  • inflection tables
    the parameters
    the table
    the categories created by them
    the functions for the actual inflections
  • little tips for utility functions to use here and there

Optionally, provision for more:

  • names and data for scripts, if automatic transliterations are desired
  • data for pronunciation and automatic International Phonetic Alphabet transcriptions
  • auto cat for categories (at least, for some of them)


  • Need to record and upload audio pronunciations at commons? Here is audio help example
  • Need to upload images at commons? I do not know how to do it!
  • Need to do repetitive changes and you know nothing about bots? Here is a little PAWS help instead.

If you are a lonely administrator, if your language has too many special needs, here are some good examples from all wiktionaries:

What a wikipedia needsΕπεξεργασία

.... to be written by a wikipedian

Common to all wikiprojectsΕπεξεργασία


For wikitext

For Lua

wikitext - Lua

Examples by expertsΕπεξεργασία