Module:auto cat: Διαφορά μεταξύ των αναθεωρήσεων

catfix notes
same thing at των (των ΗΠΑ) + <<< at mode b (4409) Κατηγορία:Αεροδρόμια των ΗΠΑ (νέα ελληνικά)
catfix notes
Γραμμή 257:
-- here, in el.wiktionary we have:
if cat_parenthesis == '' or cat_parenthesis == nil then -- there is NO LANGUAGE or uni, or mul or el
-- do nothing
else -- There is a language name in parenthesis. See above, mode b
Γραμμή 267:
-- make link:
-- [[xxxx#lang_cat]]
if cat_parenthesis == '' or cat_parenthesis == nil
or cat_parenthesis == 'διεθνείς όροι' or cat_parenthesis == 'διαγλωσσικοί όροι' -- uni, mul universal & transligual terms, are alwyas on top of page
or cat_parenthesis == 'νέα ελληνικά' -- el at top of page (very few pages have uni or mul on top of el, never mind)
-- do nothing
-- read the lang_name in the parenthesis and get the iso
cat_lang = m_page.pagelang(xx)
lang_iso = require("Module:lang").langname_to_langiso(cat_lang)
-- create a link to the iso of the cat_parenthsis language, whith is #languages[lang_iso].link
-- [[xxx#languages[lang_iso].link]] ??? how do i write it??
end -- close catfix